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How To Cook An Octopus
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How To Cook An Octopus

Croatian Hobotnica Ispod Peke can be daunting - but it doesn't have to be! Follow along with Tvrtko and Mislav and see how you can make this traditional Dalmatian recipe at home, no wood fire oven required. From gathering ingredients at the famous Pike Place Market to preparing the vegetables and marinating the octopus, they take you through the whole recipe so you can try it on your own. Do you have your own favorite octopus recipes? Share them below in the comments! This was prepared for CroatiaFest 2021 in Seattle. For more traditional Croatian cooking visit them at The recipe is here! This is for 2 people but in the video we make it for 6. Baked octopus Ingredients for two people: - 2.5 pounds of octopus - 2.5 pounds of potatoes - Olive oil - Salt - Garlic - Choice of vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, …) - Rosemary, basil, parsley - Olives - Glass of white wine - Vegeta Preparation process 1. Buy a cleaned (froze an advantage) octopus 2. Cook the octopus in water (approximately 30 minutes) 3. Prepare a bed of potatoes and vegetables with Mediterranean spices in pot 4. Place the octopus in pot and cover it 5. Bake the octopus for hour and 15 minutes at 356 degrees 6. At the end cut the garlic and parsley into small pieces and mix with the wine 7. Take the pot out, pour the wine over the octopus and put the uncovered pot in the oven back for 15 minutes 8. After 15 minutes is up, remove the octopus from the oven and serve
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