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Caesar Gallic War: Narona Study Text

  • In short - Study Texts are meant for notes. Mark up the original language text with anything that you need as you read it. Spare your expensive and hard sought after editions from scribbling and use this to help you study, translate, and write commentaries on ancient texts.

    Studying an ancient language can be difficult. Beyond the barriers of grammar and vocabulary even finding a good edition of a text can be challenging. Once you’ve found it you might be weary of making notes in the margins, if there are any, or you might later find that your accompanying notebooks have gone missing when you wish to revisit a work.

    Sometimes you want a clean version of a text, a version to mark up with the notes, definitions, and declensions that you wouldn’t want to scribble into an expensive and beautiful tome.

    That is how these Study Texts were born - from language students who wanted affordable texts meant for extensive note taking. Whether meant as a study guide for a test or a companion for more serious academic work, our Study Texts give you interleaved versions with blank facing pages and useful vocabulary lists that you can mark up at will.

     Use this as a companion to a critical edition or translation or on its own.

    We hope this helps you on your journey and we’ve included a QR code to send us suggestions for more texts that you want to see as Study Texts.

    Dux Et Amici Naronensis

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